Welcome to Maternity B.V.M. Credit Union

Maternity B.V.M. Credit Union has been offering safe and secure credit union services to our members and their families for over 50 years! We are a member owned financial institution. Our mission is to provide our members with the best service possible. We are a family, working together toward financial success, one member at a time.

We Offer:

  • Member.Net Home Banking
  • Share/Savings Accounts
  • Christmas and Vacation Club Accounts
  • Auto/Motorcycle Loans
  • Boat/Jet Ski  Loans
  • Signature/Unsecured  Loans
  • Prepaid VISA® Gift Cards
  • Loan Disability Insurance
  • GAP Protection
  • Single and Joint Life Insurance
  • New and Used Vehicle Pricing Guide
  • Money Orders (up to $1000 @ $1.00 each)
  • US Postage Stamps
  • Real Estate Tax Payments (Kankakee County)


8:30 to 4:30

8:30 to 12:00

Mondays and Holidays

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