All deposits are federally insured up to $250,000. MBVMCU will only allow $150,000 per member.


Consumer Loans

  • new/used auto
  • motorcylcle/boat/RV
  • trailer/jet ski/ATVs

We do not do risk-based lending. All members qualify for the same LOW rates!

Personal Loans

  • signature loans
  • share secured loans

Home Banking

  • Click on Member.Net on the upper right corner of this home page.
  • Click on register here in blue letters at the bottom right corner.
  • Enter 4 digits of your account number (if your account number is only 2 or 3 digits, add zeros to the beginning of your account number to make sure it is 4 digits long)
  • Enter the last 5 of the primary account holde’rs social security number.
  • Click on continue.
  • Now you can begin to set up your login, password and security questions.
  • Please remember that the system is case sensitive.


  • We offer notary services to our members. Please call for an appointment.